• SA Spring Open Media Team

Federer v Nadal: Members/Coaches Ballot

Tennis South Africa (TSA) is pleased to confirm the details of the ticket ballot – open to TSA members and registered coaches - for the Roger Federer versus Rafa Nadal ‘Match in Africa’, taking place in February 2020.

TSA members and registered coaches are invited to enter a ballot for the right to buy R150 or R650 tickets for the event at face value. For the avoidance of doubt - a limited number of ballot winners will win the right to purchase four tickets each in either the R150 or R650 price category.

There will be two ballots:

One specifically, for TSA members (club members, tournament players etc).A second one specifically, for registered coaches, who are in good standing with TSA.

The ticket allocations per ballot is as follows:

Members Ballot: 250 x R150 ticket winners (4 tickets each i.e. 250 winners x 4 tickets each) 117 x R650 ticket winners (4 tickets each i.e. 117 winners x 4 tickets each)

Coaches Ballot:  25 x R150 ticket winners (4 tickets each i.e. 25 winners x 4 tickets each) 15 x R650 winners (4 tickets each i.e. 15 winners x 4 tickets each)

To enter the ballot please email one of the following email addresses before 15h00 (SA time), on Wednesday 18th September:

Members must send an to email to tickets@tennissa.co.za to enter. Coaches must submit an email to coaching@tennissa.co.za to enter.

All emails must include the following details:

Full name of applicant. Valid TSA Membership or coaching number. If you do not have your TSA membership number then please contact your club or province. An indication if you wish to be considered for the R150 tickets OR the R650 tickets OR both.

NOTE: Applicants must preferably be over the age of 18, but if a member is a junior then the application email must include a letter from the parent/guardian of the junior granting consent for that junior member to enter the ballot. Only one entry per member or coach allowed.

The ballot draw (this will be a random blind draw) will take please on Thursday 19th September. Successful applicants will be notified from Friday 20th September onwards via email. Successful applicants will only receive their tickets once they have paid Tennis SA for the tickets before the deadline specified in the notification e-mail. The payment details will be included in the communication to successful applicants.

Should there a sufficient number of ‘winners’ who do not pay before the designated deadline, then a second ballot will be held for unsuccessful applicants from the first ballot.